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Why is social media silent on the ongoing slave trade in Libya –

American star Chris Brown speaks on slave trading in Libya.

Award winning American music star Chris Brown has come to voice out his opinion on the ongoing slave trade in Libya. The singer lamented on the terrible act going on as it sadly involves an African country and it is not all over the social media. He made reference to the recent happenings in France, Paris and Texas where hashtags were immediately created for people to start sending in their prayers. Chris Brown on Tuesday, November 28, posted a picture slaves been tied up with ropes on a boat and the caption: Read more: https://entertainment.naija.ng/1137591-american-star-chris-brown-speaks-slave-trading-libya.html#1137591.

American star Chris Brown speaks on the selling of Nigerians as slave trade in LibyaAmerican music star Chris Brown and Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo.

“When France got bombed I see the entire FB saying pray for France, when Manchester got bombed I see the same, when Texas was flooding everyone was saying pray for Texas but this slave trade is currently going on in Libya and we don’t see it all over social media…smh.” o rebels in Libya.

Still in the same light, Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo took to her Instagram handle to share a picture of the slave trade going on in Libya with the caption: “How did hate grow so deep that one will sell another into slavery and another will buy one as slave? This needs to stop. #stopmoderndayslavery#stoptheviolence #stopthehate.”

It was earlier reported that some people have taken to Twitter claiming that Nigerians are beginning to sell their own people as slaves to rebels in Libya. Nawa o! Read more: https://entertainment.naija.ng/1137591-american-star-chris-brown-speaks-slave-trading-libya.html#1137591