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Trump To Delay Relocating US Embassy To Jerusalem

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected this week to delay relocating the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, U.S. officials and a diplomatic source said on Wednesday.

With a deadline for a decision looming, Trump is likely to continue his predecessors’ policy of signing a six-month waiver overriding the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act that requires the embassy to be transferred to Jerusalem. Moving the embassy would have complicated his efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the sources said.

Trump has yet to make his decision official, but is required by law to act by Friday, according to one U.S. official.

Some of Trump’s top aides have pushed for him to keep his campaign promise, not only because it would be welcomed by most Israelis but to satisfy the pro-Israel, right-wing base that helped him win the presidency. However, the State Department recommended against an embassy move, one U.S. official said.

“The president is still committed to moving the embassy,” he said. “It’s not a question of whether but when it will be done.”