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“My father is offering me 1 million naira for him to sleep with my friend”

There are some really weird messages you get to read on Joro Oloumofin’s Instagram page. Here is one… A lady is in a funny dilemma after father struck a deal with her.

Read full story below:

My father begged me to let him sleep with my friend for 1 million Naira and the Bmw to take to school because I’m careless. He said he will give me 500k if I agree and the rest after he has had her. My father and I have a very funny relationship. He is like a brother to me. He left my mom and came back when I was 13.

He’s an amazing man, he takes care of my brother and myself but he cheats on my mom. My mom doesn’t know but I’ve gone through his phones. He came to me with this. He saw my friend in person and stalked her on Instagram. To be honest I’m broke and my mother gives me 30k a month. That money is too small. I’m seriously considering it. Because that my friend likes older men and won’t mind.

But I feel I’m going to betray my mom. What if my dad starts liking her and wants to marry. Chases my mom away. My mom will be homeless and husbandless. Joro what should I do? I’m broke and I need that car on Campus.



  • Greg

    you have taking the right decision, don’t fall a victim, keep getting your 30k than 1m once and that’s all. and it may turn out to be two-0

  • Isaac Ayomikun

    Can’t u just listen to urself? 30k a month isn’t enough for u so u wanna allow ur father to sleep wit ur friend cox of money and car to show off on campus. What a wasteful life! The only thing I’ll say is this, if u’re in d position of ur mom and u get to knw abt it how will u feel? Let ur conscience judge u