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Lynxxx says he’s ready for marriage!!!

in a recent interview with F78tvNews,

He said

I’m actually ready for marriage. I’m not running away from it at the right time I will marry and give birth with small small Lynxxx’s around the place. But it hasn’t come.

He recently dished out advice to those looking for a lifetime partner.

He said in 2016:

I have learned in faith that finding Mr / Ms Right begins with someone who already knows who THEY are in Christ! Someone who has the Love and Fear of God would lead u closer to him, therefore, closer to “You” and ur destiny.

They say you can’t give what you don’t have, if all I have to offer is range and 6packs, that’s what I am bringing to the relationship table…

Therefore I can be a monster on the inside and treat u anyhow. But a Man or Woman with a good Spiritual Foundation is limited to the world by the fear and Love of God and the Word…”