“It was fun as fcuk,” American man reacts to his first car accident

According to an American man, Nba Kilo, who has taken to social media to share his first car accident experience in the most bizarre way, said it was ‘Fun as f*ck’.

His post on Facebook which he captioned the photo of the wrecked car he drove as “First car accident shit was fun asf”, quickly went viral, with over 10,000 shares.

One user reacted to his post saying:

“Glad you’re okay. That’s freaking nuts. I’ve survived a few, two of which were about as bad as that, and I only had to go to the hospital once. Stay safe. Take care of yourself.”

Another wrote:

“Yeah I’m sure your family gonna think it’s fun too when you get in another “accident” and kill someone or yourself and end up in prison for life like every other statistic. So keep having fun then”

Another commented:

“These new age n–gas be full of drugs and dumbness. Ain’t sh-t funny about a car accident especially when people die everyday from one. You need to be thanking God u made it out alive… But instead u tryna go viral. Smh.”