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We learned FPV flying (first person view) the hard way, crashes after crashes until we get it right. Later on I realized there are exercises beginners can do to gradually build up their skills and confidence. Also, there are also simple safety rules we should follow to avoid accidents and injury to ourselves and others.

In this article we will show you how to start and improve flying a drone in FPV (or multirotor if you prefer). If you are new to mini quad flying, make sure to check out our beginner’s guide first.

Before jumping straight into FPV flying and racing, make sure you know how to fly your quadcopter from line of sight (LOS) first! In case something happens during your FPV session (e.g. losing video transmission), you can still remove your FPV goggles and land your quad in a controlled manner.

There are many ways to learn FPV. This guide is mainly based on our personal experience

source : oscarliang.com