Heartbreaking as newborn baby was pulled out from the latrine in Kenya.

A newborn baby has just been pulled out alive from a latrine in Kapenguria, West Pokot County, Kenya. It was reported that villagers in Murkwijit village rescued the one-day-old baby boy on Wednesday, June 28, after hearing his cries at night. The residents washed and took baby boy to Kapenguria County Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Police arrested the baby’s mother, Maria Chepterit and arraigned her in court on Thursday, June 29, on charges of concealing baby at birth.

Chepterit pleaded guilty and admitted to dumping her newborn baby because her husband had earlier denied the baby was his.

The mother, Maria Chepterit, at the Kapenguria Law Courts

Chepterit, who is a fuel station attendant was reported to have delivered her son unassisted at around 2am on Wednesday and disposed of him afterwards.

The mother-of-four children pleaded for leniency as her sentencing was postponed to a later date and but was immediately remanded in custody.