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Governor Ambode orders VIOs out of Lagos roads

The Lagos state Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has ordered Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) out of Lagos roads.

According to Punch, the source said that VIOs might be called back to their beats soon.

The Lagos state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde said that the government is restructuring the ministry of transportation including the VIOs.

Ayorinde said “The truth is that the transport ministry is undergoing restructuring, including the VIOs. The commissioner for transportation had made some recommendations, which he will present at the State Executive Council meeting and things can move forward from there.

“But we all believe that the VIOs’ activities should be technologically driven and more. These will be seen soon.”

Anotehr source who spoke to Punch, said “The story on a painter, whose car got burnt in VIO’s custody, caused a discreet investigation into the activities of the outfit and I can tell you that the report was not palatable.

“Apart from this, complaints about the overzealousness of some VIO men have reached a high level.”

The governor, who said he would not tolerate any highhandedness in his administration, ordered them out of Lagos roads until further notice.”