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HUBLOT Big Bang 41 MM Tutti Frutti 345.PE.9010.LR.1704

  • Hublot and Richard Orlinski - version

    Richard who...? Of course, this is what happened to me in 2017, when Hublot started working with French artists at the Art Basel in Miami.3D CARBON 526.QB.0124.VR

    On the other hand, his sculpture inspired my inspiration from the beginning and inspired the watch that I worked with Hublot. Some of them, so I will take this opportunity to create an overview of the Hublot Orlinski version here.

    It all began in December 2017, when Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe announced a partnership with Richard Orlinski. Hublot Loves Art is one of the Nyon brand slogans. This love is clearly expressed in collaboration with artists such as Romero Britto, Brainwash, Carlos Cruz-Diez or Tristan Eaton. The typical watches that appear in these collaborations are the freedom that Hublot allows artists to design. After all, the wrist should be Kunswerke, you should look at the artist's handwriting.

    The same is true for the Classic Fusion Chronograph Titanium, the first limited edition watch to work with the reference 525.NX.0170.RX.ORL18, both true Orlinski and the real Hublot.

    Immediately striking is the avant-garde, multifaceted surface of the case, which can also be found on most of the master's sculptures.

    In addition to the titanium version, Hublot also exhibited the technically identical Orlinski blue ceramic case with reference number 525.EX.0179.RX.ORL18.high quality replica watches

    The eye-catching casing of the Classic Fusion series has a 45 mm diameter and a height of 13.4 mm. The housing is bar waterproof ~ 5 and the automatic caliber HUB1155 visible through the back of the sapphire is based on the ETA 2894-A2 with precision timekeeping, 30 minute timer and date and has four Hz tick, the movement is protected by 207 copies.

    The first two pieces of wrist art have successfully penetrated into the watch enthusiast community, so in 2018 Hublot continued to work together. As part of Geneva Day, Hublot added two variants to the Orlinski family, and their visual effects are unparalleled.

    These are all black matte black ceramics, reference number 525.CI.0119.RX.ORL18 and highly polished King Gold version, reference number 525.0X.0180.RX.ORL18.

    How the case material affects the look of the watch is amazing. Especially with hublot, the basic design of the watch, through the definition of the big bang & housing construction to retain Co. and unterschiedlichster through the use of all parts of the material after the production of all the clocks in the body to produce a completely different role, people can observe this effect very beautifully . More importantly, this is a game with different materials, touch and color. Hublot calls it “the art of fusion”, which is the basic principle of Hublot. Many traditional limited-edition friends may be troubled by this. As far as I am concerned, I find that ideas and implementation are super.

    Hublot has a lot to do with Mexico. Therefore, Mexico has some exciting versions. I only remember the Ferrari version of the Mexican Grand Prix, especially as the Ferrari version of the Big Bang Tourbillons, sold as a single piece of different material combinations. Or three MP-05 La Ferrari sapphires, whose Safirglasgehäuse has been implemented in the colors of each country.

    The back of the fake watches for sale with reference number 525.GX.0179.RX.ORL18 is a Mexican heraldic animal: an eagle fighting a snake. Moreover, due to the best ORLINSKI arrival of matt green ceramic watch lovers and other further clock issues have been placed in this material from the 200 versions of the market brought Hublot 2019 classic fusion chronograph ceramics not early .

      July 29, 2019 10:15 AM CEST