Facebook launches ‘Watch’ a new video platform as Mark Zuckerberg aims to connect people more

Facebook has launched a new video platform, pitting it against YouTube and TV networks.Users of  facebook will soon have a “Watch” tab on their feeds, where they can easily discover a range of shows, from comedy or reality to live sport.They will also be able to create “watchlists”, see what their friends are watching, and communicate with other people interested in the same videos.In a post on his own Facebook page, Mark  Zuckerberg said:


“Watching a show doesn’t have to be passive. It can be a chance to share an experience and bring people together who care about the same things.”That’s why today we’re launching the Watch tab in Facebook – a place where you can discover shows your friends are watching and follow your favourite shows and creators so you don’t miss any episodes.”You’ll be able to chat and connect with people during an episode, and join groups with people who like the same shows afterwards to build community”.

The new feature will be rolled out in the US to begin with, before being extended”The new service will feature some live events that Facebook has acquired streaming rights for, including a weekly Major League Baseball game. Other shows will be produced by video partners including National Geographic, Time Inc., NASA and the NBA.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said watching a show "can be a chance to share an experience"