Dubai’s Torch Tower Building Won’t Stop Catching on Fire

Some Dubai residents woke up to a familiar sight early Friday morning: flames engulfing an enormous skyscraper. In fact, the fire that spanned 50 of the 86 stories of the massive Flame Tower was all too familiar. The same skyscraper burned in 2015, and the causes appear to be related.

Luckily, there were no reported deaths or injuries in the latest Torch Tower fire. Unless local regulators do something about the building’s flammable aluminium cladding, however, there’s a decent chance the building could burn again. At 1,100 feet tall, Torch Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Dubai, and it’s covered in aluminium panels that are filled with combustible plastic. So when even the smallest flame lights up the exterior, the blaze can spread with breakneck speed.