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Couple celebrate 80th wedding anniversary, share relationship advise.

A Michigan couple just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary — eight decades of wonderful memories; moments of sacrifice; and watching their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up.

Donald and Vivian Hart, both 99 years old, were married in 1937. According to WOOD-TV, the couple met as Donald was leaving church. He noticed a couple of “gals from out of town” needed help finding their way home. .

Instead of giving directions, he walked them where they needed to go. “We were just going to [walk] a little ways and then quit, but we ended up going all the way,” he said.

Sunday, the couple’s family and friends threw them an anniversary party, where Donald serenaded his wife with “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” a song Donald said he used to always sing to her.

Their eldest son Don said:

‘When I look back on it I think, “Boy, we were really poor”.
‘We lived in a dinky house — it had been a chicken coop. We didn’t have things, but we had a lot of fun.’ Those eight decades have not been all rosy but they stuck to the age old method of fixing broken things rather than discarding them.
Donald said: ‘When those times happen you get knocked down, but you just get up and go again.
‘When you get together again, it was better yet than ever. Seems that way.’